Banda: First Aid Kit


Dupla sueca, composta pelas irmãs Johanna e Klara Söderberg, que começaram a compor as suas músicas em 2007.

Tudo começou após terem publicado uma cover dos Fleet Foxes no youtube que foi um sucesso, em 2008. Dois anos depois, estavam a gravar o primeiro album “The Big Black and The Big Blue”.

First Aid Kit – Hard Believer

“I just live because I love to and that’s enough you see
So don’t come preach about morality that’s just human sense to me


And it’s one life and it’s this life and it’s beautiful”

First Aid Kit – Emmylou

“Now so much I know that things just don’t grow
If you don’t blessed them with your patience
And I’ve been there before I held up the door
For every stranger with a promise


And yes I might have lied to you
You wouldn’t benefit from knowing of the truth”

First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar

“Well I guess sometimes I wish you were a little more predictable
That I could read you just like a book
For now I can only guess what’s coming next
By examining your timid smile”

First Aid Kit – To a Poet

“Now I miss you more than I can take
and I will surely break
And every morning that I wake
god, it’s the same
And how apparent it all becomes
that you’re not close, not even near
But Frank put it best when he said
“You can’t plan on the heart”
Those words keep me on my feet
when I think I might just fall apart”

First Aid Kit – Our Own Pretty Ways

“Even the most peaceful town
Once was a battle ground
Well we all change in our own ways
In our own pretty ways”