(Último) Abraço

“Um abraço.Um abraço é tudo o que eu te peço antes de partires. E porque um beijo já seria de mais e um aperto de mão saberia a pouco, eu peço-te um abraço!
Que o calor dos nossos corpos se funda nesse abraço sem fim. Que guardes de mim a lembrança deste contacto reconfortante, que eu ter-te-ei para sempre no meu coração.
Falaste-me de terras distantes que pensava que só existiam em sonhos, quando o calor da cama nos arrasta para essa terra de ninguém em que todos podem ser reis… um dia…
Não te levei a sério quando me disseste que terias de partir em breve, que este mundo já pouco se aparentava com a tua morada, que a tua vontade… ah! a tua vontade… essa já não te pertencia…
Como fui tola em acreditar que nada do que me dizias aconteceria. Tu bem que me avisaste, sei que referiste desilusão e desespero nos teus longos monólogos em que eu apenas ouvia a tua voz, com um sorriso nos lábios, sem assimilar o sentido das tuas palavras.
Para mim o sempre e a eternidade fundiram-se com os sonhos de uma vida por viver. Queria-te a meu lado… para sempre, e não te deixei partir, mesmo quando seguias já por essa estrada que te levou à eternidade…
Irremediavelmente partiste…
Não deixaste qualquer rasto para que eu não te pudesse seguir. Disseste que este mundo ainda era o meu, mas para ti jamais voltaria a ser… Partiste… E não me abraçaste uma última vez…”

Cláudia Medeiros


41 thoughts on “(Último) Abraço

  1. What a lovely expression of profound thoughts…few words but powerful in meaning, a hug and a simile can make a huge difference. Just to highlight one sentence “Eternity merged with dreams of life to live…


      • Respect and Dignity is so vital in any relationship, it just cannot be undermined… it is what needs to be preserved and nurtured in any relationship…if we respect others and appreciate other’s point of view, everything around us looks beautiful and our interactions are meaningful…
        These are simple things in life but in the whirlwind of our daily activities, we keep forgetting and ignoring such simple but profound things in life…

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      • Even in intersections in our day (supermarket, for example) we should be kind and nice.
        People don’t know how to accept that the others have different perspectives of life. They think everyone should think the same way. But is the opposite. Is so much interesting when we have different points of view, because we can share and have a new and better point of view.

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      • Yes, there is no perfect right or wrong answer, for anything point of view may change and changes with context and changes with person to person, arguments has no end unless someone accepts the other’s point of view and always one may not be the one whose perspective gets accepted by others, we have to be open and some time better to look from others point of view.

        Perception plays an important role in such situations, perception in fact is a very important aspect in addressing the problems we face in reality, we need to change our perception by acquiring more knowledge and better insight of things…

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      • Yes, that’s true. Because we believe in what we want to believe, doesn’t matter what people say if we don’t want to hear. So if I say something I really believe and the other person do the same, so we can’t have any conclusion at all, we just waste our time. I learn that because I had the stupid idea of discuss religion (I am atheist but I was baptized and I read a lot about the subject and I saw documentaries about it).
        It’s impossible to change our perspective if we don’t really want to see the things in other way.

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      • Belief is such an important aspect in our life and living, things which which seems impossible to achieve, can be turned around with a strong belief system, belief system gets build on which religion we follow and what people we interact, and how broad our thoughts are and what exposure we have been, all these matters and makes a huge difference in our belief and approach to life…

        Yes, I agree changing perspective is not all easy and a change can change our life, good people around us make belief and change our thoughts and thinking for the good cause and the betterment of society and surrounding…otherwise you are right we waste time in convincing others and coming to a conclusion on many subjects…

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      • I believe in myself, in my capacity and qualities. I am determinate when I think “I will do it”. I don’t give up easily. And I am optimist when I evaluate situations. I need to share this quote I just remembered:

        “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

        Our mind is so powerful. If we have an idea in our minds, no matter what people say, show us,…we will keep our ideas.

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      • Determination can make a huge difference in what we want to do, yes, once we have a positive attitude towards life and think constructively we can make it happen…optimism is equally important to turn around things in life, negativism is all around and if we are weak it is there to grab and drag us back…yes if we think we can, it is all in our thinking…

        Mind has is own mind, nothing can be more powerful than the power of mind, it can create anything provided we keep thinking and repose the confidence on self that we can do…people may say anything, it is the self confidence and determination what ultimately matters…

        It is the world of ideas…ideas matters!!!

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      • If we are concentrated in negative things, we can’t see the good things in life. There are always something good everywhere. Kids are the perfect image of it. They can consider anything funny, even if we look and don’t see nothing to play with, they find anything to enjoy the time. (most of the times). When I was a kid, I played with flowers and herbs.
        If we stop and looking for good things we can find it.

        And the funniest thing is that we can put two people in the same room watching something (movie, documentary, pictures,…) that they will relate what they saw to different things. They saw the same and they have different ideas

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      • You are right but human has a inherent tendency to get attracted towards the negative things…herein lies the tenacity and the determination to counter the pull from the negatives and keep driven and shifted towards the good and positives of life…I understand it is easier said than than done, it needs good amount of focus and determination to ward off these negatives and keep the positive frame of mind…

        Yes, you are right two people seeing the same thing have different take and version…it is how we look at things and how we interpret that is presented to us…nothing can be a better analogy than the activities and life of kids…innocence and creativity personified…

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      • You are right, is easier to say. But we can try to do it everyday, in small things. Try to see the situations from different perspectives. Sometimes we don’t saw the good part because we just look at the bad.
        The innocence in some point is a good thing. We are negative because of the experiences we had and the experiences we know (of other people).

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      • There are two facets to how we look at things with reason or based on our experience.

        Experience many times overrides the reason, the question which is right…do we go with our experience or belief our reasoning, it so happens both many times do not meet, we are stuck what to follow…looking at situations trying to analyze based on the reasons may not be sufficient and we rely on our or others experience…reasons get built up based on nature of our experiences…bad experiences remain strong on our mind and governs our actions in future and good experiences builds on our reasoning ability to see and take decisions of things…we grow and mature in our thinking and analysis…


      • When we had a bad experience it turns “top of mind”, we remember of it first that the others experiences we had.
        I read a text in a blog from a girl. She said ”I don’t want to be with other guys, because, one year ago, one guy use me”.

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      • Yes you are spot on, bad experiences lingers strongly in our mind, we feel cheated, we feel vindicated and we want justice and some cases we would like to teach a lesson so that in future one should not dare to do injustice to others…few may be unintentional and can be ignored but many are intentional and needs to be dealt with and ensure that such bad experiences needn’t be a habit or a practice with others.

        At the same time we learn a lot from experiences and we need to prepare ourselves well and share the learning with others so others benefits from our bad experiences…


      • Sometimes we don’t treat people like they deserve because in the past someone doesn’t treat us like he/she should. And revenge don’t take us anywhere, like in this situation
        The years pass by and people change.

        We have no time to make all the mistakes so we should learn with the other’s errors.
        (I know that exists a quote similar to what I said but I don’t remember)

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      • We should always use our own judgement and not get swayed by others judgment…also what is wrong in one point of time may not be wrong forever…passing judgment without proper thought can put us in trouble, therefore we should be careful and prudent in passing any judgment based on his past happenings.

        Saying goes “mistakes are meant for learning not for repeating”…we have a short life and we cannot keep making mistakes and keep learning than we will not enjoy our life, it is good for all of us to keep learning from each other’s mistakes and have space for self to spend quality time with life…

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      • Exactly, we all make our mistakes, but it doesn’t mean that other’s should remind us about that mistakes all the time. If it is in the past is in the past.

        Yes, that’s true, we should learn with our/the other’s mistakes. If we pass our lives making the same mistake over and over again, we will be stuck in the same place, we won’t evolve.

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